Hello, I am Tatiana Soloviova PhD MMus Dip.ABRSM.
I am Russian by origin and an Oxford UK based singer, music teacher, and therapeutic coach. I have established myself as one of the most sought after singing and music theatre teachers in Oxford. I also teach piano, guitar, ukulele, music theory, as well as regularly performing myself.  
As a life coach I help with public speaking and performance, vocal image, deportment, relaxation, balance and wellness skills. I often use singing and music as a therapy.

This course covers both singing and ukulele, a “2 in 1” course designed by a professional teacher and performer for absolute beginners who would love to sing and to accompany themselves on a live instrument.

This course includes: 

- comprehensive and thorough introduction to ukulele playing, beginning with tuning and gradually progressing through the essential chords, with clear explanations and helpful hand and finger conditioning exercises; 

- music basics like pulse, rhythm, melody and harmony concepts; 

- the selection of songs includes nursery rhymes, traditional and pop songs - a broad range that will allow students to progress further with ease; 

- information about the medicinal nature of singing, and the key ingredients of healthy vocal production; 

This course is designed with love to inspire and to encourage. 

If you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing! 

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